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Petroleum Products

Image result for petroleum productsWe have the petroleum products available for sale FOB Or CIF: 

1. D2 Diesel Gas Oil L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82, HSD2 
2. Diesel Gas Oil Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 50 PPM 
3. Automotive Gas Oil AGO Russian Origin 
4. Mazut M100 GOST 10585-75 
5. Mazut M100 GOST 10585-99 
6. Jet Fuel JP54 (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54) 
7. Jet Fuel A1 91/91 Aviation Turbine Fuel 
8. CST-180 Fuel Oil Russian Origin 
9. CST-380 Fuel Oil Russian Origin 
10. D6 Virgin Fuel Oil 
11. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) GOST 20448-90 
12. Petroleum Coke Russian Origin 

GRADE: International Export Grade 
ORIGIN: Russian Federation 
QUANTITY: Starting-100,000 MT (Minimum quantity) per month per contract and above order over 
500,000 MT/month – US $ 5- $10 discount for quantities above 200,000 MT/month 

CONTRACT TERM: Spot and Contract (12 months with rolls and extensions) 
COMMISSION STRUCTURE: $10 per MT / $5 per BBL. 50% to the seller’s side and 50% to the buyer’s 
side of the total commission per MT/BBL 
INSURANCE: 100% by Seller 
INSPECTION: By Indigenous Survey Company / Say Bolt / SGS 

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